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This summer I was inspired by a visit to the Roald Dahl museum in Berkshire to write a story for my children, ‘The Cloud Marble’. Then I wrote another (‘The Diamond Rivet’), then another (‘The Meteorite’), and another (‘The Mosaic Tile’)…until it threatened to distract me from real world duties. I have now completed the fifth and final volume (‘The Spot and the Spiral’) of a series called ‘All The Pieces’.

What’s it all about?

Tamsin, age 7, finds a chipped old marble at the bottom of a sandpit. Possession of it makes her smarter at school, a better ballet dancer, and, weirdly, lends the power of speech to the neighbour’s surprisingly judgmental cat. Whatever the marble touches seems to get ‘better’ in some way. When a not-so-close school friend becomes ill Tamsin must decide whether to give her prize away. If Tamsin is to help, she must make her way into central London with nothing more than feline assistance and sneak into a huge hospital…

Subsequent volumes reveal the existence of other ‘Pieces’ (a translucent rivet in the Eiffel Tower, a mosaic tile under the dome of St. Paul’s cathedral) each of which have the potential to impart great power. However, there is danger. Tamsin sets off a minor earthquake beneath London by carrying a Piece fragment into the Natural History Museum. The tube train in which she and her friend’s family are travelling races out of control, and Tamsin must use her newfound skills and intrinsic bravery to avert disaster. The catastrophic potential of the Pieces becomes clearer still when Tamsin is transported to 17th century London and witnesses an explosion in Pudding Lane… With the help of a impoverished French pickpocket called Tomas, and the Chilean astronomer Alejandro, Tamsin must work out what role these Pieces have played in history, and why a shadowy gang called the ‘Stone Splitters’ have been seeking to shatter the meteorite from which the mysterious objects were fashioned.

The 5 volumes are available as separate paperbacks with colour illustrations, but cost £9.99 each (£1.99 on Kindle). A single paperback edition containing all 5 volumes (470pages, but big writing!) is available for £9.99, and this has black and white illustrations.

My Amazon author page has links to all the volumes, and other books:

I hope you enjoy them!